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School Uniforms: Are Boomers and Stickers Affecting the Way People See Them?
People say that school uniforms are a good thing. They prevent bullying, they are easier for parents to dress younger students, and they help students focus on studying, not what they are wearing. Are school administrators or "boomers" of the American school systems causing students to become Wendy's Berry's version of "stickers"? Having students wear school uniforms have several pros and cons to them, including the cost of uniforms, student’s self-image, bullying of students, and student’s academic behavior, but the stickers view (cons) outweigh the boomer's point of views.
What exactly are boomers and stickers? According to Wendell Berry, boomers are people who
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This trend started to spread to other states on the east coast. Students who attend schools with mainly low-income and minority students started to enforce the school uniform policy ("Background of the Issue"). In 1994, Long Beach Unified School District in California was the "first school District in the United States to require all [the] students to wear uniforms" ("Background of the Issue"). They felt that the gang activity was an issue and that the clothes the members wore were an "unofficial uniform of intimidation"("Background of the Issue"). School uniforms have changed throughout the years. As they started to make the journey to American schools, people have started to notice that not all the benefits said about them are true.
People who enforce students to wear uniforms are considered to be boomers. This does not mean that these people are mean, rude, and “only stop when they get what they want” people, but they are taking an easy way out when dealing with students clothing. There are some students at public schools that are attending because that is all their parents can afford. Their family most likely cannot afford to pay for extra clothing. On average, students who wear uniforms will end up changing once they get home. That means that the students’ parents are paying for extra clothing that they regularly

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