Pros And Cons Of Shale Gas

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Shale gas is an unconventional emerging energy source that since 2008 has had an increase in both conventional and unconventional well inspections which have led to a decrease in violations (Phillips, 2016). In 2015, inspectors issued 404 violations whereas in 2010 inspectors issued 1,280 violations (Phillips, 2016)! In addition, for the year 2015, the Department of Environmental Investigation reported no findings of wrongdoing of water contamination through methane migration by the gas industry. Moreover, the Department of Environmental Protection is the responsible party for reviewing and issuing drilling permits, respondents to water quality problems, and the inspection of drilling operations (Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, 2016).…show more content…
A few pro’s associated with the emerging Shale gas energy source. Firstly, the Department of Environmental Protection is regulating the exploration, development, and recovery of Marcellus Shale natural gas reservoirs in a way that will protect the environment and the commonwealth national resources (Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, 2016). With the extra push from compliance, the additional assistance helps to prevent incidents that may harm the environment. The additional assistance provided also includes preventative workshops for the industry to help applicants as needed to address environmental matters for construction of a well site (Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, 2016). Moreover, the Department of Environmental Protection is also beneficial to Shale gas energy because they work to instruct and advise operators and well drillers on the best management procedures and practices for waste management and environmental control (Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection,
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