Pros And Cons Of Single Mothers

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For many years, society romanticized the idea of the “perfect family.” The perfect family would be happily married parents and well- behaved children living a non-chaotic, peaceful life. As times have changed, many people are still fixated on the idea that single parents are bad parents. “A Pew Research Center poll on family structures reports that nearly 7 in 10 Americans think single mothers are a ‘bad thing for society’.”
Society stereotypes and shapes the way people view mothers. In the experiences that I’ve had, most single mothers face challenges of a tight budget, working long hours and still not being able to provide everything they wish they could. “It is, in fact, our fantasies and crude stereotypes of this ‘typical single mother’ that get in the way of a more rational, open-minded understanding of the variety and richness of different kinds of families. Society forces an image of how things are ‘supposed to be’ instead of accepting everyone for how they are. Children of single mothers are often asked about their families by children with both parents. They see pictures in books and on television of families with both parents living together.
As times are changing, so is television, books and even some of the views on how things should be. Movies and television shows are now becoming more open about single parents and even homosexual couples. In the Disney Channel series, ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody,’ there is a single mother that is faced with raising 2 young boys. In the Pixar movie, ‘Finding Dory,’ there appears to be a homosexual couple raising a child. As the social norms are changing, so is the idea of homosexuality, single parenthood and unmarried parents who co-parent.
I think that there is an upside and a downside to single motherhood. Obviously, not very many people want to raise a child on their own. Most parents want a “normal family life” for their child, but sometimes that isn’t how things work out. Sometimes, children are forced to grow up very soon and either had to take care of themselves or take care of their younger siblings. In other cases, some single mothers can work and provide for their children, but also make sure their child has a good childhood. I don’t think all
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