Pros And Cons Of Single Sex Schools

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Single sex schools are common within the fait schools and some schools who believe there association within their faith would work out better within a diverse atmosphere. Some believe that having single sex schools is a good idea because then boys would feel more concentrated with their school work instead of trying to impress or compete for the girls. Parents also believe that boys would participate more and be focus with their education if girls were not in the same class as them. As a result, single sex schools should be banned to give children the opportunity to gain a better education and interacting with the opposite sex. Teaching boys and girls in separate classrooms it’s an old approach in which has recently gained momentum. The reason being is some debate on the fact that it reduces boys’ and girls’ opportunities to work together, and reinforces sex stereotypes while others believe that single-sex schooling results in better academic outcomes. Although there has been multiple case studies to find some common ground or to see which one is more beneficial or affective the results fluctuates.
According to Dr. Michael Gurian, Leonardo Sax and others believed that boys and girls should be taught differently and be parted from the same sex when gaining their education. Do to their research and the books they have published many schools have in fact already started separating the children in the classrooms. Dr.Sax, one of the believers was in fact the Executive director of the National Association of Single Sex Public Education. He was criticize for his judgment of boys precipitating information effortlessly, having more energy than the girls in a classroom while the girls are in need of a special touch and being unable to retain information as thoroughly as the boys. In the mid-1900’s there was only 2 Single sex public school, today there are more than 500 public schools in which are scattered all over 40 states whom offer single sex academic classes or even entirely single sex classes Dr. Halpern thought otherwise, she once said that while girls are better readers and get better grades, boys are more likely to have more complications and end up having reading disabilities, but it does not mean that
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