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Site C ● In December 2014, the BC government made the decision to proceed with Site C, which would provide 1,100 MWs of capacity and about 5,100 GW/h of energy each year. ● Prior to that decision, CEBC argued that a portfolio of renewables purchased over the same period would have significant benefits for the province and save taxpayers money. ● The 2014 London Economics Study concluded that: o Private clean energy could save British Columbians $750 million to $1 billion during the 70-year economic life of Site C. o LEI cautioned that large planned industrial projects (i.e. LNG) can get delayed, impacting the ability for the market to absorb excess capacity from Site C. Instead of getting a large amount of energy at once, the…show more content…
o There have been multiple lawsuits from First Nations attempting to stop Site C. Concerns include the flooding of approximately 5,550 hectares of traditional Indigenous land and heritage sites. • The Federal Joint Review Panel found that Site C would result in significant adverse and cumulative environmental effects. These include: o Significant unmitigated losses to wildlife and rare plants, including losses to species under the Species at Risk Act and to game and plant resources preferred by Aboriginal peoples. o Significant unmitigated losses to fish and fish habitat, including three distinct sub-groups of fish preferred by Aboriginal peoples, one of which is federally listed as a species of special concern. o Losses of certain archaeological, historical and paleontological resources. o Social costs to farmers, ranchers, hunters, and other users of the Peace River valley. o Forced changes to the current use of lands and waters by signatories to Treaty 8, other First Nations and Métis. • The current capital estimate for Site C sits at $8.775 billion. o This does not include $743 million in transmission line costs and costs for First Nation accommodation. o BC Hydro’s use of a 70 year debt amortization period extends beyond the expected life of the WAC Bennett dam and is double that provided for in the Federal

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