Pros And Cons Of Slimming World

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Task 3:
 Slimming World:
 Slimming world includes three key principles to help adopt a healthier lifestyle:
• A sufficient eating plan to promote a healthier lifestyle
• An activity management to help your exercise routine
• A empowering group environment which helps support individuals to loose weight and make them feel comfortable about themselves and to help change eating habits
 Accurate weight loss targets are encouraged (10% weight loss)
 Fruit and vegetables can be eaten freely, this also includes your 5 a day
 Slimming World accepts pregnant and breast feeding women with the help of their mid-wife assistants
 The healthy eating plan is called food optimising, there are a variety of choices available to members that suit their own preferences
 It also supports 11-15 year olds with a
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• Phase 3: Go to this level when you have about 10 pounds left to lose. You’ll learn how to sustain weight loss and lose the last few pounds.

• Phase 4: You'll follow this for the rest of your life, to ensure that you don’t gain back what you’ve lost.
For the Atkin’s diet many consumers have said they start seeing results after 14 days (2 weeks).
 Pros:
This diet promotes rapid weight loss
The diet enables dieters to eat unlimited protein-rich and fatty foods
The Atkins Diet has been proven

This diet is not as time-consuming and expensive as some of the other popular diets
 Cons:
The diet is very restrictive in nature.
The diet condones high consumption of saturated fats.
This diet can cause bad breath.
The diet, by default, cuts out many valuable nutrients.
Another disadvantage is that this diet relies heavily upon proteins from meat, fish and dairy products. It is therefore a no for vegetarians

 Cabbage Soup Diet:
 Cabbage soup diet is a fast weight loss diet
• If you follow the diet for at least 7 days it may lead up to 4.5 kg of weight
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