Pros And Cons Of Social Entrepreneurship

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Social entrepreneurship which has been applied in so many different ways by so many different analysts that it’s depth of vast complexity is still being unraveled and it seems it is still in infancy. It is a multi-interpretable concept and although the use of the term is widespread its use is either overrated or misused. Hence, it is important to firstly understand what social entrepreneurship really is.
To me, entrepreneurship is completely dedicating yourself to creating something out of nothing, finding an opportunity and taking full advantage of it while embracing new challenges every day. Social Entrepreneurship is an integrated part of Entrepreneurship that aims to use business to
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It allows for social change advocacy without the potential external consequences of "conventional activism." But increasingly, we are led to believe that ‘entrepreneurs’ and ‘social enterprises’ are the avant garde of ‘change making’. Like every concept has both pros and cons, similarly even social entrepreneurship has its own demerits. On one hand it is one major factor in bringing change while on the other end it is being overused by companies who start off with the motive of being socially responsible and use this for the advantage in future ,by diverting their focus on profits. The point is, all of a sudden, social entrepreneurship was everywhere and everyone wanted to be one. The key to sustainable capitalism is reasonable profits as opposed to maximizing profits. In the current system, a segment of society is trying to maximize profits without concern for the impact on the well being of the society as a whole, while another segment of social organizations have to deal with the fall out. The system is not working. If it does good in some areas it also does bad in others. The example of Toms one for one shoe program though does charity and is a social enterprise but at its worst, it promotes a view of the world's poor as helpless, ineffective people passively waiting for trinkets from shoe-buying Americans. While the shoes themselves probably won't lead to any kind of disaster, that worldview can lead to bad policies and real, serious harm also has a small negative impact on local markets. And so I have come to feel increasingly uncomfortable with the term “social entrepreneurship” and its main actor, the “social entrepreneur”. It creates a false separation between “this is where we make money, and this is where we do good”. And that is exactly what is wrong with capitalism today. Myths of social entrepreneurship are different from what and how it really works in the

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