Pros And Cons Of Social Media In Schools

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Some school districts are currently blocking all social media from school computers and other devices logged onto their wifi. There is an ongoing debate about whether or not all schools should block social media. Both sides have a list of why their side is right. Those against it call social media a distraction and a waste of time. They bring up, in their debate, cases of cyberbullying and points on how social media discourages face-to-face communication. They state the dangers that social media causes such as strangers and pedophiles. In the end, these people just want to protect their children from those risks. However, schools should allow social media in schools because without it high social media users begin to develop depression and anxiety, schools would be able to engage school communities through social media, and schools could use it for school work. Social media has many excellent uses, and there is no reason for it to be blocked and trying to ban social media will not work. There are many pros to allowing social media in schools and failing to integrate it causes a disservice to the children, teens, and to practically everyone. Social media is here to stay so everyone might as well adapt and learn from it (Nicholls).
The first reason social media should be allowed is the fact that without it teenagers have developed anxiety and depression. High social media users have begun to develop anxiety and depression from schools blocking social media. The blocking of
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