Pros And Cons Of Social Media Make Us Anti-Social

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Does Social Media makes us Anti-Social? Fabian de Rond English/ B2 Brigitte van Pelt - Hinkle Avans University of Applied Sciences Social media makes us anti-social The claim of this paper is: ‘’Does social media makes us anti-social?’’. Many people have a social media account these days. For example, Facebook had reached 1 billion users in October 2012. The use of social media is still increasing. It is nice to see that a lot of people have fun with social media, but it harms our real social life. In fact, social media makes us anti-social. The reason for these thought is because we use social media in traffic which is anti-social. Also a survey shows us that a lot of people are irritated by smartphone use during conversations. If you irritate another person, you’re producing anti-social behavior. Furthermore, because of the smartphone use we are lacking our social skills in real life. Challenging my own topic…show more content…
On every issue there is a pro and a con side. So this paper begins with the argument for the con side. Social media doesn’t make us anti-social because we can stay easier in contact with people we were friends with in the past, but the real contact has been reduced because you went other ways. Think about old friends from school and acquaintances. Giving a call to that person or seeing each other is most of the time, a waste of the time. Also it costs too much effort. (mijn kijk op infonu, 2013). So this argument explains why we are more social with social media. On the other hand I think that staying in contact with people from the past just increases our anti-social behavior, because it will decrease the social contact with the people from the present. Those are the people you want to take effort for and communicate with in real
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