Pros And Cons Of Social Media Marketing

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The tittle of article are Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing for Business, written by Umran(Snob Monkey) Malik. It was post on May 4, 2015. Recently, social media has grown very fast and be a digital marketing tools for business online. Using social media for business online can make the profit and it was proven a very cost-effective way for promotion and advertising business. In truth, there are two impacts when use media social as a tools for business online. This article are discuss about pros and cons of social media marketing so let’s we discuss it.

A pros of social media marketing for business is social media marketing is low cost and makes it appealing for business. When we using media social such as Facebook, Instagram are practically free to join, so we can promote our business at there without need any cost. Next, a media social also as a tool for interacting with other people are all available for free. For instance, we have communicate or communication with customers using media social, it also free means not need a cost. But to get more profit in marketing for our business we can investing on a full social media marketing strategy. In social media marketing strategy, we need a little cost
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Recently, internet users growing rapidly and a big 89% of internet users that are aged between 18 to 29 years old are actively participating in social media activities. So this is main advantages for social media marketing compare traditional media marketing. A traditional media marketing only caters to a fixed audience, for instance regular magazine readers or TV viewers while social media marketing has potential to approach a very a big audience that unlimited in scope and reach. In a marketing, the big audience is very important because they have potential to be our customers. In addition, using social media marketing also convenient for introduce brands or our business to

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