Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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Social media plays a huge role in our lives, It has its own pros and cons. Most of them are for our favors if we use it wisely. It can help us become more productive and efficient at work school and day to day activity. For example, youtube is great place to watch videos that help us to learn from other people work which is associated with our task for work/school, but we must be very careful while using it to the limit. Also social media can help us reach out with every information at our finger tip and we make it a tendency to google and search every small thing which makes us vunerable to using it often, therefore limiting our attention span as we get so dependant on using it that we rely for it most of the time which makes us dull without it, in most cases. So if used wisely, there are lot of things to benefit.

All of the people that I used in my survey are Asian and mostly immigrant. The range of the ages vary from 18-51 years old among them are 4 females and 1 male. The method of survey used was face to face/in person. I surveyed few of them at my work place and some randomly outside at a public places (mall). They were very cooperative and helpul as I told them that this was part of the survey and name will not be disclosed. It was a great experience to interact with them and learned some interesting facts about each one of them. For example, I was surpised to learn that my interviewee # 4 who is 51 year old female only uses 1 hour of internet and that too research in comparion to my Interviewee #! Who uses 8 hours of internet which is 1/3 of a single day.

My survey with different age group resulted interesting facts as well as a reality of how social media plays a huge impact in each one of our lives. With different groups comes different maturity and hence with it comes a way how it impacts them. My eldelry age group havent even heard about social media such as Snapchat and I was surpised to know that they said that she has not shopped online in her entire life. And there is a age group of my Interviewee #1, who is always researching about stuff online, Snapchatting and making it a way to interact with his friends. Nobody cares about blogging and think its old school but are always keeping us with

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