Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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TJ Singer Mr. Duncan Government - DC 1 December 2017 Social Networking: Good or Bad? Introduction Today’s society revolves around social media. Everybody gets engulfed in the world where everything is about who is doing what with who or who is going on vacation in some extravagant part of the world. With 76% of American adults connected to a platform of social media, it brings up the question of what the actual effects of social media and networking are on the society. Pro Side of Argument Proponents of social media argue that these social platforms promote increased interaction with other people, offer teachers and students easy access to educational support and materials being taught in the classroom, facilitate social and political reform, and disperse news and important information rapidly. Con Side of Argument On the other hand, opponents of social media argue that these social platforms prevent face-to-face communication, waste time, have various effects on children's brains and behavior that makes them more prone to ADHD, expose users to predators like pedophiles and burglars, and can spread false and dangerous information rapidly. History of Social Networking The first social media website is considered to be It existed from 1997-2001 and allowed users to create and join spaces where they could connect with friends over the internet. Next came Friendster, created in 2002, but was soon outmatched by other social media platforms such as MySpace in

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