Pros And Cons Of Social Networking Essay

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Children on Social Networking Throughout the last two decades, Social Networking has materialized into one of the world’s biggest phenomena. Social networking is any Web site that would allow a person to communicate or have any type of social interaction with another person, or user on that site. With that being said Social Networking is one of the most common activities used by all people today, and the number of users continue to rise. The largest social networking site in the world right now would be by far Facebook with a whooping two billion monthly users, which is nearly one third of the world’s population. This number should give a rough estimate of just how many people are into Social Networking as Facebook is just one of many Social Networking sites. Any platform that can sustain the magnitude of people of Facebook or any other popular Social Networking outlets, such as Instagram, are bound to have their pros and cons. In many cases, the cons of Social Networking outweigh its pros for parents that have young children using these Social Networking sites. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are popular for young children, and they are not conscience of the potential dangerous that they may be getting themselves into. Now while social networking is not meant to be seen as dangerous or be seen as threats, with just over two billion people it is fallacious to believe that there aren’t some corrupted people on these sites. Parents should keep their young children off of

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