Pros And Cons Of Socialization In Sports

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Socialization is very important in society and in the development of a child’s personality. Socialization is very vital to the success that a person hopes to accomplish in life. One must learn how to work with others and effectively communicate with others. This characteristics are very essential in life. Through sports many find that these concepts can be learn. It is preferred that these skills are acquired at a young age. If these skills can be learned through sport it makes sense that a parent would put a child in these at such a young age. Sports also give the very important benefit of better health. I will closely examine both the pros and cons of socialization of children through sport at a young age from a functionalist and…show more content…
There has been times of me falling behind in school because of my dedication to athletics. I did not continue to do athletics in college by choice. I had been through so much behind sports that I just wanted to be finally be a normal student. Sports have had such a major impact on my life. It has had some positive some negative. I love sports even to the point in which I am not still playing but I choose to pursue a career in this field.
I find myself being stuck in the middle about putting youth in sport at a young age. I understand the ideas that functionalist have in relation to sport. Participating in sport at a young age can truly teach vital aspects of life. Sport defiantly teaches communication. I started playing volleyball in middle school. I played the position of right outside hitter. In the sport it volleyball it is very essential that there is communication so that more than one player is not going for the ball. In situations where there is not good communication someone can possibly get injured. From experienced I have ran into somebody on the court due to failure to communicate. Situations like this can show just how important communication is and this can also be applied to life. Functionalist also believe that a hierarchy of power should be maintained. In sport this applies the theory the importance of a hierarchy, such as the coach, assistant coach, players, etc. The hierarchy of power in sport is essential to the success of a team. Learning to
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