Pros And Cons Of Sports Stadiums

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Many cities and towns always want something new. However, in order to have something new comes with expenses. Many localities have used public funds to build new single sport or multipurpose stadiums. The negative side of this idea is it will cost taxpayers millions or even billions of dollars to do so. The question many ask is “Would it be worth it?” It is quite simple to answer but one has to have time and valuable information to outweigh the pros and cons as well as if the new stadiums will outweigh the costs. America is booming with new sport stadiums. Sports are a part of America's traditional culture. Such as Super Bowl and many other main events individuals travel far and have gatherings with friends and family to watch on television. New sports facilities costing at least $200 million each have been completed or are under way in various cities (“Worth the Cost?"). Major stadium renovations have also taken place costing taxpayers even more. Industry experts estimate that more than $7 billion will be spent on new facilities for professional sports teams before 2006, imagine how much it it now being eleven year later (“Worth the Cost?"). In addition to the billions of dollars, most of this expense will be paid mostly from public sources. It starts with the federal government, thereby allowing state and local governments to issue tax-exempt bonds to help finance sports facilities. Tax exemption gives the benefit of lowering interest on debt and therefore reduces the
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