Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing

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What would students do if they didn’t have to take a standardized test - would they be happy, or would the students be upset that they didn't get an opportunity that others did? Students who decide that they do not want to learn in school and choose to be homeschooled do not have to take these standardized tests. This makes it difficult to know whether or not homeschooled students are actually getting an education at home. Taking standardized tests is a record of your learning. If there are kids who don't have records of what they learned or how they are doing, then it can affect their future for college and jobs. Homeschooled students should be required to take standardized tests so there is a record of how well they are learning so that it can.
Students should have to take standardized tests so there are some requirements or standards they have to meet. If there are no requirements to their level of education and what classes they take, the students might not learn to their full potential or not learn anything at all. If there are standardized tests for homeschooled children, then they will be required to learn the same material at home that other kids do at school. In the article, “Iowa Must Repeal Fringe Homeschooling Option”, it states, “There are no specific standards about what students should learn.” (Des Moines Register). This means that students can learn the basics of every subject and pass as a homeschooled student. If they took standardized tests, then they
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