Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing In The Classroom

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Testing My Patience

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. The biggest test of his life is staring him right in the face, but all he can do is try to calm his breathing before he passes out. This young man is suffering from test anxiety, something countless students endure, but have to attempt to get over in order to take a mandatory standardized test, that in no way benefits them in the future. Standardized testing shrinks the curriculum; puts too much emphasis on specific subjects; lowers students’ motivation to learn; is used as an inaccurate comparison between students; includes insignificant information; gives inaccurate evaluations of students; teachers, and schools; and promotes cheating and conformity, and therefore should not be a required part of secondary schooling.
According to a paper written by students at Columbia University about the pros and cons of standardized testing, one strength of it is that it gives teachers an idea of what to teach, and when, resulting in a simple way to manage a timeline, and less wasted instructional time. This, however, isn’t necessarily true. Appearing later in that same piece by Columbia students, was a list of cons, which stated that with the pressures of standardized testing, teachers are
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As stated in the previously mentioned Columbia University paper, and in an article by Derrick Meador, titled “What You Need to Know About Standardized Testing,” many things can happen the day before or of the test that can hinder a student’s performance. Including, as Meador exemplifies, getting into a fight with his parents the morning of the test. Chances are, that no matter what the fight was about, that student is going to be much more focused on that, than the test right in front of him. And, unfortunately, the person - or machine - grading the test isn’t going to take that into account, therefore giving him a low score that he does not
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