Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing In Public Schools

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Jouriles, Greg. “Here’s why we don’t need standardized testing.” Education Week 33.36(2014). 36,40. Web. 22 February 2015.
In Jouriles article “Here’s why we don’t need standardized tests” in Education Week magazine, researches the cons of standardized testing and why it should not be allowed. Greg argues that standardized testing is pointless and it’s messing with the education system forcing it to do something that is damaging the staff and students in numerous of ways. He used himself as an example of working at a school to explain that teachers in individual schools can assess students just as fairly and more accurately than the standardized testing. That a piece of paper with hundreds of questions isn’t going to effect students in any way, it’s only going to stress them and even lose confidence in themselves as a student. That with discussions and collaboration between the teachers us much more effective than the pressure that the tests brings to the students and the staff with the way they teach. The article also shows the debate of standardized testing from a teacher point of view and it also does a good job of tackling the other sides of the argument. Greg shows that he’s understandable and not all teachers are able to collaborate on the grading system and that it should be a problem that should be more focused on and getting it fixed rather than ignoring it. His main argument I believe is to encourage the system to believe in the teachers that they can keep track of
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