Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing

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Rennoy Cobourne
Professor Cowo
ENC 1101
September 29, 2017
Eliminating Standardized Testing
A problem younger people encounter in the education system that impacts their ability to be successful is standardized testing. Standardized testing is used in most schools. Some think the test is the best way to grade students since it removes bias from scoring, but the test is an unreliable way of measuring a child’s intelligence. Without standardized testing, children would be able to focus more, succeed more, and worry less whether one test will hinder their abilities and stop them from succeeding. Eliminating standardized testing will improve a child’s education.
Enough students are not passing classes. One of those reasons is the standardized testing. Standardized testing focuses on multiple subjects and those subjects are combined to see if a child will move on to the next grade level. This is a reasonable way to grasp a child’s education level, but there is a problem. What if a child does not understand a subject or subjects? Those subjects could stop them from passing a class even if they are well versed in others. Standardized testing does not build on children’s abilities or help them improve. “In a study of nearly 1,400 eighth-graders in the Boston public school system, … some schools have successfully raised their students’ scores on the MCAS. However, those schools had almost no effect on students’ performance on tests of fluid intelligence skills, …. and ability to
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