Pros And Cons Of State Testing

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State testing decisions should not be from financial complications, but the students’.
Another bases should be centered colleges and what they will accept. My affinity for not changing or complicating explains great concerns for the SAT. While the state’s decisions exist upon the complex test, mine ponders the simple test. Consider the facts, “the ACT has been given out and paid for since 2001” (Rado). Needing to change the way our state has gone about testing becomes unreasonable.

Over the course of my junior year, all state testing preparation directs towards the ACT.
In the past not only has our school been able to provide one free­bee, but offer to be a test­taking facility. Teachers continue to stay open minded to the idea of the SAT; however, the problem of
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All of the schools have made tremendous efforts with their lesson plans which based around the ACT. Again, the need for change derives from the state's ability to supply, not the students. When a lot of colleges only accept the ACT, parents and students will have to go out of their way to pay for another test. Not all students are capable of paying.

After discussing Illinois’ decisions, I do not agree with their approach to changing state tests. Therefore, students’ should not be required to take two state tests and only one benefit them. Taking one test is acceptable, but two remains unnecessary. Our state should pay for the state test needed for the college in the best interest. As a student, money rises as an issue. In the sense of the state, choosing the cheaper route happens to be understandable. In return, state issues are less valuable compared to the school, student, and
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