Pros And Cons Of Stricter Gun Control Laws

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It seems that people label every year as “a year like no other.” However, as 2017 comes to an end, it is evident that it was more dramatic and eventful than most years in the recent past. One type of event which was occurring throughout the year, making it stand out in the hearts of so many Americans, is the 60,482 gun incidents this year [Gun Control Archive] To stop these horrible events from occurring again, I believe the United States must place stricter gun control laws in effect. Stricter gun control laws are essential if to decreasing the amount of deaths and injuries caused by guns. For example, in Australia during 1996, there was an annual gun death rate of over 500 people [Australian Institute of Criminology].However, after the Port Arthur Massacre, the Australian government banned “certain semi-automatic, self-loading rifles and shotguns, and imposed stricter licensing and registration requirements. It also instituted a mandatory buyback program for firearms banned...” [] By 2007, these stricter gun control laws caused the annual gun death rate to decrease by approximately 20% [].To explain, if we look at the laws of other countries, we can see that imposing stricter gun control laws have worked for them in decreasing gun related casualties and therefore it is logical to conclude that it will work in the United States. In addition, studies have proven that gun control laws will decrease gun related deaths. One study done by Dr Bindu
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