Pros And Cons Of Sun Tzu

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Chapter 2
In this chapter, the author will describe a brief background of a strategic thinker (Sun Tzu), main points of Sun Tzu, and pro and contra of Sun Tzu. These three sections are important because it will describe an information of Sun Tzu, which comprise the biographical history of him, his main thoughts in resolving conflicts, and outlining the pro and contra thoughts of other thinkers with Sun Tzu. The structure will be more on the narrative that describes the biography of Sun Tzu and his main points, the explanation of pro and contra will explain in narrative and also tables.
A brief background of a strategic thinker
Sun Tzu was a brilliant strategist, military leader and philosopher during his time, influencing many philosophers,
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Strategy is a must in every war to win and it cannot be denied. Among other war strategies, Sun Tzu has his own different and unique strategy to win. Even though his strategy is very old, yet it used to be applied in many aspects such as military, politics, and even business. Sun Tzu's war strategy recorded in 13 chapter of his book which is ‘The Art of War’ that still exist today as one of the required reading for military officers in the world.
In the strategy, Sun Tzu adjusted three doctrines to be followed such as to ‘prepare suit defenses to against any attack’, ‘seek ways to defeat the enemy without engaging in a battle’ and ‘follow the enemy situation in order to make a decision for the battle’. These concepts are considering knowledge as the most important to do which means in political military, a war is not suggested and it consider more of how to defeat enemy without or before a war happen, also how to avoid detriment as well by knowing yourself, enemy, and the place where war could happen carefully. Plus always prepare any defenses when there is an attack from enemy. Therefore, these concepts are different with other war thinkers who used to apply and implement more techniques on a
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As long as we have morality, then we will achieve success to improve the quality of ourselves and by doing things related to morality we will also develop our morality. Therefore, it is believed that when enemy’s morale is low, it is the best time to attack. Timing is a thing that need to be considered in a war, so besides knowing when to attack, it also good to know what kind of condition which we have to rethink of attacking enemy. According the book of ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu, it explained to retreat when enemy is organized and advancing at the moment. “When you are balanced, you can choose to fight, but if you are weak, avoid the battle. For no matter how tough, the little fox will succumb to a greater and more unceasing force.” (Giles, The Art of War by Sun Tzu, 1910)
In conclusion, Sun Tzu has several types of winning. The first one is to win without battle, attack the enemy forces, and attack the city of enemy. We can conclude that the Sun Tzu war strategy is to win without a war by relying on a strategy of attacking the opponent's strategy itself.
Pro and contra to the strategic
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