Pros And Cons Of Tackle Football

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Youth tackle football is a popular sport for children today but this sport can have pros and cons. One of the most controversial sport that a child can play is tackle football. Tackle football is a full contact sport. In any full contact sport, there are risks like concussions, injuries and the lasting effects of those injures. There are also pros in playing this sport like teamwork, sportsmanship, character, and exercise. Youth football can also have psychological pros and cons that can affect the children that play this sport. If you are considering having your child play youth tackle football you should review all the pros and cons of playing before you make a decision.
Cons of Youth Football

Football has its cons just like any
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While the majority of coaches are good coaches there are some who can do damage. These coaches have a “win-at-all-costs” mentality and can be really hard on the kids if they are not winning. Another psychological effect is inapposite feeling of superiority. The obsession with sport in our society can put an inflated sense of self on a child. If they are constantly winning or always making touchdowns they feel unstoppable. (Ph.D., 2015) “We must also recognize that participation in football, and team sports in general, has major benefits for fitness and character building. Participation in sports counters the major public health issues of obesity and, perhaps more importantly, the “disengagement” that we all observe in kids these days. Every parent of a teen, and even young children, realizes that a “virtual” world has often replaced the real, live interactions kids used to regularly experience. I strongly believe that participation in team sports has a major positive influence on youth, and we cannot discount the positive impact of this aspect of football. Ultimately, if a child is passionate about football and no other sport or activity, they are almost certainly better off playing football than being inactive and alone.” (Ph.D., 2015)
Pros of Youth Football

When playing football, you have to work together, no one person can win or lose a game. Children will learn how to count on one another and trust your team mates. Learning teamwork skills will help

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