Pros And Cons Of Taken For Granted: America

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Tycianna Caldwell
ENGL 1010-0N
21 Sept. 2015
Taken for Granted: America

We as individuals are very quick to only look at the bad sides of situations or the negative outcomes of things, and for this reason we are quick to overgeneralize and let one bad apple so to speak ruin the whole bunch. In life and with all things there’s always going to be pros and cons of every situation. What may be cons for some can turn out to be pros for others and benefit them. So to Ms. Michelle Cacho-Nigrete, I’ll tell you this: your brother gave his life while helping in the maintaining of freedom, equality, and safety for many others, and if those people were able to tell your brother something it’d probably be thank you. Now out of all my years in
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A school day went like this, we’d go to breakfast and wait in the line scoping out the cafeteria to see who we’d be in class with and who we’d get in trouble with. Then there comes first period with Mrs. collins, she teaches social studies and her class was pretty boring. I’d take notes each day and secretly laugh at my friends as they’d try to doze off, constantly looking at the clock knowing that in an hour I’d be in my “fun” class where I could relax. So it's time for next period and this was science class taught by the coach of all boy sports so we didn’t do much. We opened a book on our desk to whatever page he had written on the board, and the rule was: whenever someone comes to the door act like you’re working. Now, don’t get me wrong occasionally we would do assignments and take a quiz or two, but we had it pretty easy, except for the days after the games and the boys did bad. A victory meant we would watch a movie and a defeat meant we’d have to read the chapter, answer the questions at the end, and turn our work…show more content…
When the door reopens the coach, principal, and what looks like a high school student enters the room. The principal says, “This is Selmy and she’s a new student and I expect all of you to show her how good of a school we have.” After that the principal leaves, coach shows the new girl where she’ll be sitting, and what she’ll need for this class. Now to myself I think: “She don’t needa waste her money cuz we dont do nothing in here anyway.” As the class comes to an end I notice that the girl never said anything to anyone and she never made eye-contact, she just looked down at her desk the entire time. It was time for us to change classes, so I tapped her on her shoulder and said, “We have math
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