Pros And Cons Of Taxes In America

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Tax Debate Prep Julie Duncan 2A Taxes are very argumentative when coming to what everyone considers equal. There are many different tax options, in which all people have different opinions on. These taxes include a value-added tax, progressive tax, flat tax, and national sales tax. I believe getting rid of our current tax system, and implementing a flat tax in America would be the best option. Different sides of politics, each have pros/ cons for each of the different tax systems, but with just the right tax system things could improve and more things could be equally agreed on between the politicians. The view on the current government tax policy is considered “bloated, complex, and antiquated system” that overburdens United States taxpayers. Back in 1996, a proposal was brought by Republicans to Congress which was then passed, but sent to Clinton who later vetoed…show more content…
National sales tax is considered regressive, in which it means the poor people would have a heavier burden to hold on them. Many people also would lose their jobs considering the tax industry would end up destroying. With these cons showing in this tax, makes it a good reason to not put it in our system today. Having a value-added tax has many different views, but many cons are shown through the system. With having a value-added tax means the tax on the amount of an item goes up based on its production or distribution. Value-added tax being implemented would clear out many peoples savings. It also would be a struggle on the lower classes, and has been called an “unfair regressive tax”. With having the above statements showing the cons of each system, it is fair to say that having a flat tax would be good for our system. It would make everything equal for every class, and not have any or as much negative comments directed towards it. Changing from our “burden” system to flat tax would be a win win for
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