Pros And Cons Of Technology Based Society

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With the world we live in today, it’s not a secret that we are moving towards a more technological based society. Just like with other aspects of life, there are pros and cons to this transition. First off, with technology becoming more of a necessity in today’s world, more people and businesses rely on this for their daily lives and operations. For example, according to (Schiffer, 2017), a casino used an internet connected fish tank to help keep track of the tank’s temperature, cleanliness, and food. The article goes on to tell how the casino’s information was hacked by hackers accessing to the fish tank. Personally, I was amazed by how the hackers could hack an entire casino, through one fish tank. On the other hand, a technology based world can also make life easier. For example, Amazon has now begun to use robots in their warehouses to sort and pick items. Although this may threaten some employee’s jobs, these machines are easier to operate and can be monitored more closely than an employee. The fish tank in the casino and the robots that Amazon use are classified as the Internet of Things.
According to (Cornish, 2017), the internet of things refers to electronic devices that transmits information back and forth of the internet. These items include but are not limited to Fitbits and Amazon Echo with Alexa. I personally own an Amazon Echo and I can say that I love using it. Using only your voice, it can play music, call someone, or even search the Internet. With the
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