Pros And Cons Of Technology

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Technology in the past three decades has developed at such an increasingly rapid rate that the last decade’s generation is defined as “being born in the technological age”. People born in the 1990s are considered the last kids to have known a life without smartphones and computer technology creeping into every aspect of their lives. There are pros and cons to technology, with most of the cons being discovered ever increasingly as people become more and more intertwined with their own personal devices. Overall, technology is good, but it has become the bane of developing friendships, increasing feelings of loneliness, isolation, and inability to focus and communicate properly. The internet opened a doorway which allowed people to connect with someone on the other side of the globe and with this came vast pros and cons. We’re able to search something up on our phones in the blink of an eye; find the answer to a difficult math problem or research the depths of the stock market all on one device. We don’t have to scour through dozens of books to find our answers anymore. We can learn anything at any time. We can also talk to anyone at anytime. We can do both of these things at the same time almost anywhere. However, too much of anything is a bad thing. According to the Huffington Post reporting on research done by the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, “The researchers analyzed and compiled the data, and the results revealed that intensive use of cell phones and computers

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