Pros And Cons Of Terraforming Mars

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According to NASA terraforming is the process of transforming a hostile environment into one suitable for human life. To Terraform, the desolate planet would take years, but with technology advancing this gap is becoming closer. There are a number of things that make Mars hostile, first of all, the temperature of Mars can reach as high as 20 Degrees Celsius, but as low as -153 Degrees. Secondly, the atmosphere of Mars is mostly made of Carbon Dioxide at 95.32 %, this is completely different to Earth’s Atmosphere as it mainly consists of Nitrogen at 78% and 21% Oxygen, meaning we would not be able to breathe, and we would suffocate almost instantly. Thirdly, the soil is toxic due to the content of perchlorate. Fourthly, there are dust storms that lurk the planet which can last for weeks, these storms can blur vision and destroy habitats., however, these aren’t a reoccurring thing as these only happened on estimate every two years (1406.9 Days).
Fifthly, the Low gravity and pressure are an issue, the surface gravity on Mars is 38% of that on Earth, this is survivable on for adults, but babies would experience severe abnormalities and for foetuses, it could be lethal. Sixthly, Mars has no Magnetosphere, this is the only unsolvable problem with terraforming Mars, therefore, it cannot shield life from
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NASA also has a hydroponics team, which can grow food efficiently, but on Mars there is lower gravity, lower light levels and a different atmosphere, however a greenhouse could be created to help maintain optimum levels of growth, also, soil might not have to be used, as plants can grow hydroponically (in
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