Pros And Cons Of The 8 Hour Diet

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The 8 Hour Diet: How it works and what it offers for our bodies Many people are struggling with extra pounds and weight problem and nowadays the number of people is getting bigger and bigger due to our fast lifestyle and little time to prepare healthy meals. However, whenever the summer is approaching, the desire to be fit and slim is getting bigger and bigger by the day, however our working schedules remain the same. This is the moment when the real struggle begins. How can we stay healthy and slim, but at the same time keep up with our working schedule and have enough energy to make it through the day? Picking up a proper diet or program is the hardest thing for us all. In order for a diet to be functional and effective, every person must know their body well enough so they can…show more content…
Just remember that portions matter and drinking calories is something which is off the limits. The disadvantages of the 8 Hour Diet -Sometimes, in order to succeed in something, we need the limitations and the rules. Maybe this type of diet can’t provide that for us, because the authors of the book don’t want to put restrictions on the type of food, nor make limitations. They normally support healthy eating and balanced meals, but they don’t force them. -You need to make your own limitation. You can’t expect eating junk food, processed food or too much sugar and have amazing results. Balanced diet is the key to success, except the authors don’t seem to stress it enough. -This diet can be dreadful for the ones who are used to midnight snacking. If you start your 8 hour window at 8 am, imagine the 16 hour period that follows. It can be really difficult to remain hungry from 4 pm till bedtime. -Breakfast is the most important meal in the day, however with this weight loss plan, the authors choose to postpone breakfast until the start of the 8 hour

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