Pros And Cons Of The American Civil War

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The American Civil War was at a closing, the North was fighting a war of attrition and steadily pushing through the southern lands without much resistance. Though the war ended undisputedly with a northern victory, the Civil War spawned sectional tensions that remained long after the final battle was fought. Reconstruction began with presidential reconstruction, where Licon did everything in his power to reunite the union. For example, he ratified the ten percent law which allowed southern states to rejoin the union if just ten percent of the population agreed so! During presidential reconstruction, Lincoln had no interest in harming the south he simply wanted to reunite America under one government! With Lincoln's assassination though presidential…show more content…
Getting both sides to find a common end was no simple task though. Richardson uses affairs such as the “New York Times” predicting the acceptance of interracial marriages, this, of course, being less racist was allowed in the North otherwise through the Southern magazine the “Richmond Times” states that “if African Americans met us in the altar… they would order the discerned white Americans bones be moved elsewhere”. Between the two very different sides though a compromise was made and Africans gained the rights to marry whomever they please, although interracial marriages were much more prevalent in the north. Moreover, Richardson states that “ both the Republican and Democrats agreed that the only way for Africans to gain more rights was to work and deserve them in the free labor system. Both sides had a very different view of free labor at the time though. During the 19th century the Southern “free labor” was more focused on tenant farming and sharecropping in which the African Americans did indeed work for free but they worked to provide for himself and their families, the north however disagreed with this thought and the northern idea if free labor being, the opportunity it offers wage earners to rise to…show more content…
Reconstruction’s main goal was to establish the union and furthermore give every American an equal opportunity at success. Sadly even today these common goals aren’t met, with modern conflicts such as the marches on cities after Donald Trump's election, of course disagreeing is permitted and disagreeing is, in fact, the underlying theme of democracy America is not united! America is the strongest nation and wealthiest nation on the planet and the fact that people want to secede from the union because they don't agree with the president is absurd! The crack in America that began at the end of the civil war has only grown into a chasm today, America’s two sides distancing itself more and more every day! These problems while uncontrollable could have been corked that day but as it seems all too common now one side is incapable of seeing and respecting the other's
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