Pros And Cons Of The American Foster Care System

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On any given day, 428,000 children are in the foster care system (“Foster Care.”). Every single child in the foster care system is in the state’s custody, and the state should protect them. Yet, this year in Kansas, the two foster care services providers has admitted to not knowing where many children are. Of the seven thousand children in Kansas foster care (The Kansas City editorial staff) KVC Kansas, which is in charge of the eastern region of the state, has announced the whereabouts of thirty-eight children are unknown (The Kansas City editorial staff). While the service in charge of the western portion of the state, Saint Francis Community Services, does not know the whereabouts of thirty-six children. In total, more than seventy foster children are missing (The Kansas City editorial staff). No one knows if the children ran away, were abducted, or are still alive. With children being the United States future, some would think children would be held in high regard, but with so many uncared for children in foster care they are not. The American Foster Care System is a broken system because of the children’s mental and physical health, how the children leave the system and how the system is running.
Children in foster care are more likely to have mental, physical, and developmental problems, but are also less likely to receive the health care they need for those problems (Committee on Early Childhood, Adoption and Dependent Care 1145). When a child enters foster care,
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