Pros And Cons Of The Canadian National Railway

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Since 2014 the IDOT and Illinois government have been arguing against the Canadian National Railway to put a AA Amtrak (superliner) on the Lena, Freeport line from Dubuque IA to Chicago IL, but has failed to for two years now. Now the Canadian National Railway is listening to what the Illinois government and the public have to say. The train will pay for it’s own depth by the passengers, it will bring many passengers, and tourists who wants to see the Abraham Lincoln debates. The United States government exploded the Canadian Railway by saying “When the old IC (Illinois Central) went through there, the town was crowded with twenty thousand or more people, now today that would be about fifty thousand people.” Ever since the train left the rails in 1965, the fairly large town has started to die out. The train today would stop…show more content…
Even our taxes had been being saved up for this and now millions of dollars in new equipment, and the train itself have now been waiting two years to be released. What would be a five to six hour drive would only be a one to two hour ride. One of Canadian National’s main problems would be that they would have to renew and check every crossing, and every signal. U.S. 20 would not be in much use when this train comes through, most would take the train instead of taking the steep windy hills of the state highway. The government of Illinois have been holding back a lot of money for the train that was supposed to be in in 2015 but for some unreleased reason it’s still not in use, but the one problem is that the Canadian National Railway will have to update all their equipment for safety regards. Now in the year of 2017 the train has been confirmed to come through in next
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