Pros And Cons Of The Corporal Punishment Of Children?

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Pros and cons of the ban on corporal punishment of children

Parenting is learned, and the use of force does not resolve conflicts, say the competent people.

– We must not make our children snitches, who will constantly report their parents, claim Dveri.

Should physical punishment of children be banned by law? "Politika", in partnership with UNICEF, dedicates one page this month to child rights, the issue that stirred the public and conflicted views of experts from various fields, but also those who refer to the traditional way of raising children.

The reason for the bitter debates was the First Draft of the Civil

Code which provides for a ban on corporal punishment of children. However,
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We object to a state that wants to make our children irresponsible snitches who will report their parents and grow up without any authority, law and order. You have taken away everything from us, but we will not give you the family – stresses the representative of Dveri.

They are especially against taking children away from parents like it's done in many western counties, because as they believe, there is a possibility for huge

manipulation and invasion of privacy, where children would particularly be taken away from families with traditional ways of upbringing.

Protection from abuse and neglect, Article 19 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Biljana Lajović, again, says that she does not understand why the changes in the law would destroy the traditional Serbian family.

– Traditional Serbia is certainly not Serbia that is using violence and aggression in raising children. These regulations are not a mechanism to punish parents but measures to protect children. Parents should learn to raise a child without beating them. The state system in all its regulations prohibits any act of violence against children, and I see no reason why that would be neglected in one part of the system and used in
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