Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty

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No matter what, murder is wrong including legal murder also known as capital punishment and or the death penalty. As of today, the death penalty is legal in 32 states, including Georgia. The death penalty is used to show people the consequence of murdering someone, by murdering someone. The death penalty is not the solution to stop or decrease crime, nor is it the best way to bring peace to the victim or its family; instead it does the complete opposite. The death penalty is an issue that began back from the 18th century in Europe. The Europeans brought it to America, and America continued the system for years, because they didn’t know how else to punish the wrongdoers. These executions were held in public areas for everyone to see. It wasn’t till 1846 that a state, Michigan, decided to abolish the death penalty for all crimes, except treason. Seeing Michigan as an example about three other states stopped the death penalty and also some countries in the Caribbean and South America, but it still was not considered an issue until the 1972 Supreme Court case of Furman v Georgia that we see a major shift in the death penalty. The Furman v Georgia case is about a black man, Furman, robbing a house and dropping his firearm that accidently goes off and kills the homeowner. At his one day trial, the jury finds him guilty thus without delay giving him the death penalty. Furman then argued that giving him the death penalty would be against his 8th and 14th amendment. Therefore the

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