Pros And Cons Of The Denotation Of Slavery

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“I have a dream that one day…” you know which legend proposed this ambition vision, with much zeal. Martin Luther King Jr, his dream of the world has not been fulfilled thus far. We continue to witness the injustices of today. Biased and irrational decisions made by people of power to oppress those who are colored. As of 2016, 855(1) and counting police shootings against unarmed people of color has occurred in the united states alone. A thousand people who were killed on potentially being dangerous. Imagine if you killed on the premises of someone being potentially dangerous because of a painted image of what potentially dangerous looks like. What does it looks like you may ask, people of color no doubt. Illustrated by media, society and powerful non-colored people. We would be living in an all white society, and all white culture. Where we fit in you ask, as slaves. Denotation of slavery is to be owned by another person, or in this case a society which deems inequality to those who are colored. Are you a slave to a civilized nation which takes…show more content…
Through this restriction however the police will work around the idea of lethal force changing their strategies while face to face with grave danger. By using no or little aggressive force, and switching to a gratifying and humane approach.Like Gandhi said “If I have the belief to do it then surely I will acquire the capacity to do it, even if I may not have it at the beginning”, for police officers this may be a daunting task but if they believe in themselves they can overcome adversity. Let us be honest these police officers signed up to protect not to end. Ending life no matter how detrimental to society that person is, should not be on the conscious of our heros. Who jeopardize their life to shield protect and cushion the valuable life of citizens. Which is an amazing feet on its

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