Pros And Cons Of The LGBTQ Strife In Japan

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LGBTQ Strife in Japan The LGBTQ community, around the world, objectively has been treated as a minority group. Because of this, today we can see efforts that resemble the American civil rights movement take place. Those who patriciate, do so because this marginalized group has a history of being discriminated against in more ways than one. Japan though is unique in this aspect. The LGBTQ community historically has mostly been free to do as they please. It wasn’t until recently that they saw their rights being restricted. Japan has the west to thank for this. Gay marriage is illegal in Japan. According to Japanese law, they do not have the right to marry but homosexuality itself is allowed. Why this is will be explained later. Some positives of today are that the age of consent remains the same as heterosexuals and the idea of “conversion therapy” is banned (Equaldex). Unfortunately, that is basically were the positives end. Japanese law is very ambiguous on several topics when it comes to homosexuals. This is due to the recent awareness of the issue and action has not been taken yet given the small timeframe; more on that later. Some of these ambiguous restrictions include, the ability to adopt children, and joining the military. Perhaps the reasoning for the adoption restriction is fueled by the thought that the homosexual parent(s) will give the child the ‘wrong’ idea about what family is supposed to be. However, the restriction on military service though seems to lack

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