Pros And Cons Of The Lost Ways Survival Book

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There are few survival books that are easy to understand and offer practical ways of surviving o virtually nothing like Claude Davies’ the lost ways. The lost ways are a series of books that revisit the way human beings were able to survive in the wild before technology lulled us into a false sense of security. This is more than a how to guide to survive disasters but it offers insights on how you can survive anything and everything. It asks how one would survive without electricity, computers, TV, law enforcements and other agents that affect the way we go about our daily lives.

The Lost Ways Survival Book takes us to the basics. It shows us the skills that we have chosen to forget that past generations were able to rely on in crisis situations.
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He shares his foolproof tips on how you can earn a living while living in the woods.

This is not all, that is contained in the book and these aren’t the only people who have survived by going to the old ways and thrived.


- It shows you the truth about life and teaches you to prepare for anything and also guides you on how to act.

- Guides and tips have been offered by people who have experience with what they are teaching you.

- It shows you an alternative life that is as old as human beings. If you a conscious of your impact on the earth, it has practical ways on how you can have a positive effect.

- It teaches you and gives you the tools to survive anything, anywhere.

- It is simple to follow.

- The Lost Ways Survival Book is cheap and affordable.

- It is available for immediate download.

- There is a money-back guarantee offered with the book.


For a book that teaches survival without access to the internet, it is disappointing that you still need the internet to download it and smart device or e-reader to have it handy as a quick
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