Pros And Cons Of The Movement Of People In The 18th And 19th Century

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The movement of people in the 18th and 19th centuries has always been an impact and a major part of our world. The migration was either forced or a choice made by the individual its self. The development of agriculture and industry in a few European countries, North America and Australia caused migration and an increase of population. Many settlers migrated either because of a crime, slavery and blackbirding, or, because they were seeking a better lifestyle, opportunities and religious freedom.
Stealing was a criminal offense which forced many individuals to migrate to another county as convicts. Stealing leftover bread or food that was thrown away just to bring back to the kids or family changed lives forever. Groups of people had to leave their families as a punishment for the crime and in other cases were killed. Slavery and blackbirding are another two main points of movement in the 18th and 19th centuries. Slavery being one of the main contributes to development in industry and agriculture had both many pros and cons. Pros including beneficial progress in development in agriculture and the industry where cons include people having no freedom, no rights as well as unwanted separation between family and friends. Blackbrding being the trafficking and kidnapping of laborers caused migration from the south pacific islands to Australia. Thousands were kidnapped and after their contracts expired the government would then decide whether they should stay or go.
The development
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