Pros And Cons Of The NCAA

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The NCAA is an easy organization to make fun of. The governing body of college sports loves to wield its hammer of justice in the most uninformed, one-sided way as possible. That is true, although, sometimes we forget about the difficult terrain it has to navigate.

In what will almost certainly end with Mark Emmert becoming a punching-bag to those who loathe the collegiate athletic model, the NCAA is claiming that it can't mandate diversity hiring.

Let's start with the context.

In October, six members of Congress asked Emmert to address the status of a pledge the NCAA had asked schools to sign last year in support of diversifying their hiring pools when jobs become available. This was after Congress addressed its concerns over the majority of college coaches being white males.

It seems like a
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"Universities and colleges retain their autonomy and authority in this regard. We remain vigilant and concerned about representational diversity of ethnic minorities and women in coaching and athletics administration."

Here is where things get tricky and vernacular matters.

Lost in all the hatred the NCAA and Emmert receives is the fact that the organization is just an extension of its university members. The NCAA isn't running college sports, it is overseeing it, on behalf of the schools it represents. Or, more simply put, the actual "bosses" -- at least in the grand scheme of things -- are the schools. Not the NCAA.

Emmert represents the schools. He is similar in his position as are those who oversee the NFL and NBA. He's the face of the governing body, but he isn't the one making up the rules. He helps, obviously, but he is meant to represent what the majority of universities want. If all schools wanted something to be fixed, the NCAA would likely
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