Pros And Cons Of The Outreach Recreational Center

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In today’s time, many teens are found in troubling situations, such as, pregnancies, drugs, and violence. The usual excuse is, “there seems to be nothing to do with free time in a small town”. In order to assist teens in surrounding themselves with a more appropriate environment, action needs to be taken to ensure not only safety, but productivity as well. Local communities are in need of a more apt halftime. The Outreach Recreational Center is most suitable for teens in need of change. The Outreach Recreational Center includes basketball courts, soccer and football fields, baseball and softball fields, a skate park, and a gymnasium. Not only does the center include these accommodations, but also provides self defense classes and anger management programs. Another expertise teens are known for is devouring food, therefore food will also be provided for. Not only will food be served daily, but appetizing food instead of boring cafeteria-like food. Although some teens may be in need of sporting equipment, the center will provide with gently used sporting equipment with the help of generous donations. The Outreach Recreational Center will be the ideal option for teens with boring lives.
The Outreach Rec Center will not only assist teens, but also parents, and students
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Issues may include, no change in the behavior of teens or the program may be to costly. People, especially parents, may worry their teens will not be affected by the outreach program, but the goal is to ensure success and prosperity among troubled teens in the community. The center will make sure all children will become better individuals not just for themselves, but also for the lives around them. Also, with the help of all members and businesses from the community, cost will be covered. The lives of many teens will be
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