Pros And Cons Of Three Hour Class Periods In My School

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My school is considering going to a year round schedule currently, students have core classes on A or B days for the entire school year or a full semester. The school year starts in September and ends in June. I am against this way of schooling because three hour class periods are too long if you want to stay interested, its more information kids will forget, and finally they will be out of school more often thereby making them more of a threat to society than they already. Having a three hour class period of any kind is too long. An hour and a half gets kids anxious and resltess which is not good for the teacher. So double what they will be feeling and thats your three hour class period. Desks are not made for comfort and kids already complain about the lack thereof. So having a three hour class period of some boring core class will lead to grouchy,…show more content…
So letting them have breaks as often as nine weeks apart is somehow a good idea? Their parents are still working becuase you cant have work schedule change to fit the school year. Meaning most students will be home, maybe with other younger students unsupervised and doing what they please. This is obviously not ok with parents especially if they have younger kids like in elementary home alone. Parents cant all hire a nanny or caretaker, they cost too much money. Lots of parents depend on schools to keep their child under the watch of teachers and guardians that will help them make good decisions and educate them. There will be more time for kids to get into bad habits all the while forgetting the schooling they just learned for three weeks. It could potentially keep students in for the winter break of most schools. Winter breaks are historically known for disease so being at school is never a good idea. With this new system the board is trying to present it could spread disease in the months where it is most likely to be a
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