Pros And Cons Of Uniforms In Schools

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It is the age-old question, pondered endlessly by ancient philosophers and playwrights, scientists and mathematicians since the beginning of time: to uniform or not to uniform? Although uniforms were never a subject of choice for Hamlet, nor were they ever discussed by the great minds of history, there is some truth to the previous statement. Uniforms have consistently proven to be one of the largest debates regarding schooling, consistently showing to have two sides of seemingly equal strength. When looking at the opinions of students, the test subjects for this long-term experiment, the general consensus is that of opposition. Though they may not realize it now, however, there are real benefits in creating uniforms for students, both short-term and in the long run. All schools should implement uniform policies because of their ability to enhance students by improving well-being, creating safer communities, and teaching important life skills. To begin, having a standard set of dress generally allows for improved health and overall happiness among the school community. Uniforms, as the name suggests, create unity and bring a sense of pride to many students, greatly contributing to their well-being. Being part of a greater community, whether students realize it or not, helps to satisfy man’s natural desire to belong. Belonging to and taking pride in the school community helps young adults to feel more confident, as they feel part of something greater than themselves, while

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