Pros And Cons Of Universal Health Care

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The debate over universal healthcare has been controversial from the beginning. When President Obama was campaigning for presidency in 2008, one of his key objectives was presenting universal healthcare as a right. Two years after being elected as president, Obama passed the Obamacare act. The ultimate goals for this act were to, “expand patient protections, make health care insurance more affordable, improve the quality of health insurance and health care, and, lastly, to curb the costs” (“Facts on the Affordable Care Act”). Now, these are all positive goals, but the financial side of to this act worries many Americans. Some people support healthcare as right but do not want to be stuck with increased taxes, or they do not support it because it can be overused and damage the economy. There are different sides on the debate on health care; those who support it as a right and see the positive aspects of it for the people and economy, and then those who do not believe it to be a right because of the potential damaging risks to people and the stability of the economy. Those who are for it see that presenting healthcare as a right would help people without insurance, receive proper care. Many hesitate to go out and receive the healthcare they need due to fear of costly medical bills presented by hospitals, doctor’s offices, and urgent cares. When an individual does, however, come into a medical building and says, “‘I can't afford that,” what is a physician to do? Urge the
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