Pros And Cons Of Using Car Air Conditioning

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Using Car Air Conditioning Stop Leak

Here were going to discuss the pros and cons of using car air-conditioning stop leak. Many people with old rides give up when the AC stops working because these repairs can be so expensive.

In fact it's not uncommon for an AC repair estimate to exceed the total value of the automobile. With that said, you can repair a leaking Schrader valve for under $50.

This is why it's important to find out what's wrong. When you finally do go to sell your old ride and operating air-conditioning system will increase the value and could close the sale on a hot summer day.

With the low cost of air-conditioning stop leak it's tempting to go ahead and throw a can in the system and see if it solves all your problems.
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Although there's some science in the product and it can work, I would rather diagnose it and then repair it permanently.

With that said, if the automobile has a slow leak and it happens to be in an area where these stop leak products work well then there's always a chance you could get lucky. Often this might result in the air-conditioning system staying cold for the summer driving season.

To the right you can see a picture of a can of FJC car air-conditioning stop leak. There are a couple of things different about this product that I wanted to highlight as there is no shortage of these types of miracle fluids. The first thing to take notice of is the can is only 4 ounces.

In a lot of cases where you see people talking about how their car air conditioning system was ruined by a stop leak product it's because they installed way too much of it. We'll get into some other problems below, but this is a valid concern. The stop leak has sticky glue that is supposed to get forced into a small leaking area to seal it
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It's an amazing little device is also used to hold the air pressure into your tires.

This is often an overlooked area where Freon can leak out of your car. The device can loosen up and lose it seal and leak tiny amounts of Freon over long periods of time. Using the leak detection methods discussed on this page doesn't work for the AC Schrader valve.

When you install the dye you will get some of that liquid on the Schrader valve so it will always indicate a leak. Not only can it loosen up over time but systems that get a lot of maintenance or had a lot of problems can wear out the rubber O-ring seals on the Schrader valve.

A lot of times when mechanics say they can't find the leak is because they didn't check the air-conditioning Schrader valve with a halogen Freon leak detector. This is a sniffing device that sounds an alarm when it senses different types of refrigerant. Since is heavier than air you actually have to place the sensing probe below the Schrader valve not
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