Pros And Cons Of Vaccines

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Although there has been testing results to show the improvement vaccines have made parents has divided when it comes to vaccinating their children. Today having your children vaccinated seems to be the typical protocol from the beginning as an infant, up until the time of becoming young adults. Children should be required to be vaccinated because the science behind the tested vaccines show proof on paper the benefits it has implemented on our country. However, you have some parents who question if their child is being put at risk. In the early 1900s we had strong virus that were causing deaths in children and adults. The U.S. had the Polio virus that caused acute paralysis that lead to disability and death, than we have the common minor virus such as the chicken pox and influenza. When the vaccines became available the numbers of these virus spreading decreased dramatically especially from those who would travel to several different countries. Regardless of what our past has shown, in this generation the internet has played a big factor on changing people's perspectives on vaccines. Anyone is able to post their opinions online, in which people have stated they feel it is against their freedom to make these vaccines mandatory to attend school etc. There are also people who say vaccines are leading to reasons why kids have such chronic illnesses, but yet there has been no hard evidence of medical research that has pointed back to vaccines as the cause of these
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