Pros And Cons Of Vaccines

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In an ever-growing world of increased population and an escalated desire for face-to-face social interaction, we are exposed to thousands of people a day, whom of which we touch, hug, kiss, or share items with. Social interactions are part of a person’s psychological needs. However, many fail to realize that these interactions result in an increase in the number of possibly deadly diseases that have the capabilities to infect an entire population, particularly when said population is unprotected by vaccinations. Before the creation of the smallpox vaccine in 1976, 300 million people were killed across the world. Due to vaccinations, we have achieved global eradication of smallpox. Vaccines are crucial to the health of the world’s people. There is an alarming number of adults who have never been vaccinated, as well as parents who continue to refuse to vaccinate their children. We need to prevent the spread of potentially lethal viruses and bacterial disease by the government not giving a choice to get vaccinated or not. Vaccines must be made into a mandatory action across the US and in countries around the world. Vaccines are offered and encouraged by doctors around the globe. Although, many feel the need to turn down these opportunities for protection, putting themselves and those they care for in danger. If one decides not to visit the dentist, chooses to eat poorly, refuses to wear sunglasses on a sunny day, or does not put on sunscreen while on a beach, they are putting

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