Pros And Cons Of Violence Against Women

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Violence against woman still exists in many societies. Between 16% and 52% of woman suffer physical violence from their partners and one in five-woman experienced rape or attempted rape (WHO, 1997). Also, one in five women of the world’s population have experienced physical or sexual abuse by a man in their lifetime (WHO, 1997).
All statistics agree that rape and sexual assault rates are particularly high (Rape Crisis,2017). Worldwide, more than a million women raped every year (Holmes & Holmes, 2009:217). In England and Wales, almost 85.000 woman are raped every year and 500.000 sexually assaulted (Rape Crisis, 2017). The statistics shows that 1 in 5 women between the ages of 16 and 59 years of age, has experienced a form of sexual violence in her life (Rape Crisis, 2017). One in four women have experienced a form of sexual violence by a partner (Fawcett, 2007). Moreover, 40% of young people know boys who forced their girlfriends to have sex (Fawcett, 2007). Also, in England and Wales, 5% of women have been raped since the age of 16 (Fawcett, 2007). The paradox is that only 15% of these cases are reported to the police (Rape Crisis, 2017) and of those that are reported ‘’the majority do not result in a sanction detection, prosecution or conviction’’ (Hohl & Stanko, 2015:326). But, according to Holmes and Holmes (2009) rape statistics cannot be reliable because of some factors. For example, there are failures in reporting rapes or in the data collection. Also, some
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