Volunteering In Schools Essay

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Volunteering, according to its definition means that one partakes in an act without expecting or getting anything in return. Now, if this is the definition, and always has been, then why are some school districts, such as the Montgomery County Public Schools, requiring service hours for high school graduation? Having this extra prerequisite for graduation would not only reduce students’ already minimal free time, but it would also add another load of stress on the students throughout the school year, and, to top it off, this requirement would defeat the entire purpose and spirit of volunteerism. During the school year, students already have very little free time as most are involved in things such as athletics, clubs, religious activities, and even jobs. Of course, there are always a few exceptions, but whether the student is an overachiever or not, they most likely still have some sort of obligation to take care of that reduces their free time. These activities, although they take time from those who take part in them, also benefit students. It teaches them to manage their time in a way that will allow them to still have time for schoolwork and making them, in the long run, excellent students with outstanding organizational skills. Unfortunately, because of the time that is being devoted to such activities, people are unable to make time for things like volunteering. This is a shame, because at times, even if the student has a superb academic record, “service
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