Pros And Cons Of Wearing A Bicycle Helmet

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Either a child or an adult, there is an argument asking if you should wear a bicycle helmet when riding a bicycle. Research shows that head injuries occurs because bicyclists do not wear a helmet. There are even laws in some states that says to wear helmets before hopping onto your bike. The question is, do you really have to wear a bicycle helmet every time you travel on your bike? These pros and cons both support both sides of this argument strongly, but there are many opinions. This argument is based on the reliability of science and explains the law of motion. Ultimately, I will explain which side of the argument best supports the topic by using the sources given.

In the view of the pros side wearing a bicycle helmet is made for the rider’s safety. This is the reason why the helmets were made. In addition to wearing a helmet, it is recommended and it can prevent serious injuries by 50 percent. Especially for children because it is the helmet’s job to protect their skull since their brains are still progressing. It just takes a few seconds for you to put on a helmet and your head will be secured. In Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion, it states “. . . an object in motion tends to stay in motion, with the same direction and speed. Motion (or lack of motion) cannot change without an unbalanced force acting.” This piece of evidence from Source 1 explains that if the bicycle is in motion, it will stay in that speed and it will be hard to stop the bicycle. From this,
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