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Why We Can Text but Not Write
I believe that a few hundred years ago, the ‘art’ of writing revered. This was the only alternative to speech. The only way people could save their thoughts or ideas for future reference or reach out. Traditionally, the writing process was all about pen and paper. Over time, it has emerged that Millennials overshadowed the use of pen and paper by texting their way through everything. It has almost become taboo to see someone write a letter these days. Technology has led us here; that is a fact. It is hard to say whether texting is a pest that will end up destroying the good old fashioned “writing” or a form of writing on its own. Well, from my point of view, texting will slowly deprive us of creative writers.
But, there is a reason people are more inclined to texting than writing. Writing has always been a daunting task meant for those who can commit. Poor writing has always been a concern for institutions since time in memorial. It is estimated that more than 50% of first-year students in colleges and universities who fail entry examinations are always weak in writing. When technology came, it offered an easy way out for those who fear writing. Texting and other forms of media messaging allowed for people to break the rules of writing under the umbrella of convenience. For those who sought to look a bit professional, technology also offered shortcuts in formatting, style and general presentation of the work.
No one certainly knows the rules

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